Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Jewelry Designer in L.A.

Cathy Levy
Cathy Levy

Catherine Levy is a self-confessed shopaholic, a loving wife and a stay-at-home mother of three. She turned into the business owner of Guiltless Luxury and Catlevy Diamond Co.

How it all started?
After my youngest child started going to school, I found myself working with my husband at Legend Diamonds, Inc., a diamond wholesaler in the jewelry district of Los Angeles. Previously a full-time mother, my wardrobe lacked professional outfits and accessories that every working woman has. So I started shopping and my closet became filled to the brim. Due to this, my husband told me to get rid of my old stuff before I can buy new ones.

Gone with the old.
My first sale was on eBay. I placed one of my purses for auction and it sold for more than the original price. That was when I realized that there is a market for pre-owned luxury items. I created a Facebook page called Guiltless Luxury where authentic, pre-loved, designer handbags, accessories, jewelry and watches are up for sale.

A new business was born.
Through word of mouth from friends and clients, my business grew and people started ordering stuff I did not have which were mostly jewelry. That was how I ventured into my custom jewelry business, Catlevy Diamond Co. I specialize in one of a kind diamond jewelry especially engagement rings. I collaborate with every single client regarding design and I use conflict free diamonds. All of them are proudly made in the USA.


Her inspirations.
My family. My grandfather died young from a heart attack and my grandmother was left to raise eight children on her own. She was a success in different business ventures like clothing stores and restaurants. My parents were also business minded. Their small partnership became a factory of eighty people and eventually ten stores in my home country, the Philippines.

Her secret to success.
A supportive husband. I am thankful for my husband for helping me in every way possible. He is my partner, my soul mate, my everything.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Find your place no matter what it may be. For me, it is something I already enjoy. Do not compromise on quality. I will not sell something that I will not be proud of wearing myself. Be honest. I have actually been truthful up to the point of telling some customers not to buy a certain diamond that they will not be happy with in the future. Provide great customer service. It is not about making the sale and profiting to the last cent, but it is about making your customer happy so that they will keep on coming back. Be a people person. I love to talk and socialize which have helped me build my client base. Give back to the community. The more you give to those in need, the more God will give back to you. And lastly, manage your time well and work hard. With three children, I am very busy, but I am still able to operate my business and oversee my household.

Written by: Faith Azul

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