A Red-Soled Confession


Ladies, come closer – I’ve got a secret to tell you…

When my local Harrod’s department store gets in its new shoe collections I go to the shop. I stand in front of the new Christian Louboutin offerings, look furtively around me and, when the coast is clear, bend down to whisper to the shoes:

“Hello darlings! Mommy’s here. Some time in the very near future, I’m going to come and get you and take you home and my goodness me, when I get you home I promise to spoil you rotten. I’ll display you in a glass cabinet and I’ll polish you every day. Heck, I might even wear you.”

One day soon I won’t be whispering, I’ll be buying. Just you wait and see…

Ahem! Can you believe I told you that? From now on, whenever you go into your local department store and wander past the shoe section, you’ll be wondering to yourself, “Is there some nutsoid woman over there whispering to the Louboutins?”

christianlouboutin-auhameauOr perhaps it’s you – you too are the woman eyeing up what is arguably the world’s most beautiful collection of shoes and promising that you’ll be back some day soon to buy. Maybe (oh lucky, lucky you) you already own a Louboutin pair and you’re worried your existing shoes are lonely. You’ve promised them new friends.

So say you were going to buy your first pair (or another pair you lucky, lucky minx), what might you go for? Here are some need to know facts about Louboutins every fashionista should have at her disposal.

Much has been written about the glorious red sole branding, but it’s so easy to fall for isn’t it? You could watch two women make their way across the room, dressed in classic pairs of black stilettos, but your attention would immediately be drawn to the one who flashed up the occasional shot of red.

Her shoe says to you, “Hey, I’m stylish, I’m classy and I’m the choice of intelligent, hard-working women, but I also signify passion and intrigue. This lady just doesn’t need to rub that in your face.”

The tale of the red sole is a rather gorgeous one. Christian Louboutin had designed a shoe and he held the finished product up in front of him. Something wasn’t quite right – he had the shoe design in front of him too and he held the shoe in one hand and the design in the other. What was it that wasn’t working?

His assistant was painting her nails red. In a flash it came to Christian what he needed to do. He wrenched the bottle from her hands and painted the black sole of the shoe red. Et voila – it suddenly felt like the vision of the shoe he had created in his head.

He opened shop in Paris in 1991, and his red sole trademark started in 1993. His clients include royalties, celebrities and women with high fashion taste. Among them are Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Oprah, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and the list goes on and on. His designs have varying  silhouettes, to elongate those legs and to bringing the sexy out.

Louboutin-boots Louboutin-neutrals


Here are my favorite Loubies from the maestro:

Louboutin-daffodil-spikesThe Pigalle 120 a Louboutin classic; a sky-high sexy stiletto with a pointed low-cut toe. The 120 signifies the hight of the heel – 120 millimetres or 5 inches. A lower number, therefore, means a lower heel height.

The Daffodil is another classic. With a heel height of 160mm and a breathtaking platform soul, this beauty is one I especially covet as I’m a mere 5ft 2”.

See you in the department store ladies. I’ll be the one whispering…


Written By: Emma Baird. She is based in the UK. She lists her obsessions as shoes, cakes and cats – for fashion’s sake, she attempts to keep her cake obsession under strict control. 
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