A Taste of Belgium in South East Asia


We already know that Belgium is more than just waffles, however, it is an undeniable fact that we still cannot separate waffles from being Belgian.

But, Belgian waffles in South East Asia?

 We found it hard to believe either, but it does not stop it from being true. Thanks to Fritzie and Frederic, South East Asia is having their fill of authentic Belgian waffles. In fact, their business is making noise in Phuket, Thailand’s food scene, and this is their story.



Frederic’s Belgian Waffles

Just over a year ago, Manila born Fritzie was living a comfortable life in Singapore with her fiancé Frederic, and their son.  Fritzie worked as an Educational Researcher for a well known American University while her fiancé worked for a software company. Despite having successful careers, Fritzie and Frederic felt that there was something missing. Both dreamed of having their own company one day and they started thinking about leaving Singapore for a more laid back location, and Phuket, Thailand was their first choice.

Being born in Belgium, her fiancé Frederic had been working on a recipe for authentic Belgian Waffles for the last five years. His Liege waffles were so well received by family and friends, they convinced him to start selling them.

c80075_9b3d7e5f4ce513c956b19409cdbab4e4.jpg_srz_1000_667_85_22_0.50_1.20_0Compared to its other waffle counterparts, the Liege waffle is richer, denser, chewier; and it is Belgium’s most famous variety.


c80075_0d7e58b6a5dee503df1c87af86d94704.jpg_srz_3842_3335_85_22_0.50_1.20_0With a big leap of faith, they decided to pack their bags, spatula, and whisks and  start living their little Belgian dream in Thailand. But how will Frederic and Fritzie sell their Belgian waffles in the tropical paradise of Phuket? That was actually the bigger question they had to really ponder on because they knew that once people tasted their waffles, it would speak for itself. They needed a unique concept to sell their waffles, and their online search led them to an old rusty pink 1976 Volkswagen that they decided to convert it into a waffle bus.


Three months later, they were selling their waffles in Phuket’s famous night markets, and at some of Phuket’s biggest events and parties.

FBWbusy2  FBWevent1

 1655935_550430145053212_2083494836_n  images


FBWsidecarThey have also expanded by bringing their waffle business to other places via a motorcycle with a sidecar. This enabled them to sell their waffles to the tourists visiting some of Thailand’s famous islands, such as Phi Phi. Future expansions are underway, as they are currently working on opening a waffle shop near the famous Buddhist temple, Wat Chalong.


When asked what they enjoy the most about having their own waffle business, the positive reviews of patrons is enough of a reward

images“I don’t think we have ever eaten 4 waffles so quickly in our entire life! Absolutely amazing! It’s so nice to have some new and different food options in Phuket.”

- Latitude 34 - A Travel Blog



“And let me say, the waffles taste amazing!”

- The Phuket Newspaper




c80075_f8eaacce0e948ebaf86958bdfa2fd8b6.jpg_srz_227_184_85_22_0.50_1.20_0“WOW!!! Explosion in your mouth!!! Frederic’s Belgian Waffles are amazing!!! Ya’ll gotta try it!!! They are at Villa Market every Tuesday. Go around and have one of these.”

-  Lourika Reinders, travel blogger and photographer



Belgian waffles in Thailand? Why not? The great and unique taste of Frederic’s Belgian Waffles is ultimately what made their business a success.

 fritzieinVW  fredericVW

Fritzie and Frederic

For more information about Frederic’s Belgian Waffles, visit their website at www.fredericsbelgianwaffles.com or find them on Facebook.   


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