About Us


We are an awesome community of simple yet amazing women, here to share real stories and inspire the world in our own Filipino ways (quirks, culture, and all!).

We Filipinas are strong, beautiful, and enjoy celebrating life. Our kayumanggi color glows bright and has a place in this world. With the right community, we can better ourselves, re-ignite that fire within, and be the person we want to become – that is, a better version of ourselves.

We all hold a common bond, the Filipina girl friend bond. Even if we do not know each other, that sense of cultural familiarity and belongingness will draw us closer. We understand each other’s fears and struggles, we support each other, and we help each other succeed.

We like to talk about travel, fashion, our day to day struggles and triumphs, parenting, cooking, shopping, and anything positive under the sun.

Connect with us World Urbanistas! Follow us, cry with us, succeed with us, let’s be inspired together