Asia Agcaoli: From REEL to REAL


So where is Asia?

If you have been wondering where and what this Viva Hot Babe has been up to, look no further

We found Asia Agcaoli – out of the spotlight and living real.


How is life treating you in general?

Life is good; the generic ups and downs, your typical experience of life being bumpy at times, but overall it has been good.


Anything you miss about being active in show business?

I miss performing. I miss writing.  I miss singing. I miss dancing. However, when you are passionate about something, you do not look at the bad side of it. I am very happy about where I am in my life right now, that’s why I don’t get hung-up on the things that I miss. I take things as they are and continue to live life to it’s fullest.




What made you leave the spotlight? Where did you move?

I left because I thought it was time to rest. I was tired. It was time to slow down and settle. It was also a very opportune time, because my boyfriend, then (now my husband), had asked me to relocate to Amsterdam. So I followed, made a big leap, and experienced living in Amsterdam. We left the Philippines 2008. Then not far along after that I got pregnant and had our son Xander.


How did you end up here in New Zealand?

We moved to New Zealand for personal and business reasons.




How have you adjusted living from the Philippines to Amsterdam to NZ?

To be honest, the adjustment from Philippines to Amsterdam was harder that the move from Amsterdam to Auckland. The big factor there is the weather. I just cannot stand the cold weather — it penetrates your bones. However, I made some good friends in Amsterdam. I have very fond memories of them.

In Auckland, well who does not love New Zealand! Its just very beautiful here. The nature views are so spectacular that every corner is almost picture perfect. The people here are also so nice and it is so peaceful. It is the perfect place to raise a child.



How different is their culture from ours?

The people are very different.  The Dutch people I’ve met take pride on being Calvinistic. I thought they were pretty strong and frank to a point where some Filipinos might think of it as offensively tactless. They definitely do not beat around the bush. They’re also very liberal and very tolerant.

The Kiwis are very laid back and generally very nice too. I think we’re quite similar to Kiwis.

I am generalizing only from my experience of course, so we cannot discount the fact that others might have a different opinion.




So tell us about fashion in these places and what they wear.

Well, no matter where you are in the world fashion is fashion. The retail industry has made us all look the same anywhere else in the world. In the Netherlands, they wear a lot of layers of clothing, and given the climate you will need layers to survive especially in the winter. It’s the playing with the colors and the layering that makes for having an interesting fashion sense underneath all that piles of clothing you have to wear.


Since 2008,  you’ve lived in 2 places, in 2 separate continents… where would rather be?

Home is where ever family is so anywhere we live is home. Though, I would like to travel around the world.




What has life been being a mom?

Life of a mother is very hard. You do not take a “leave of absence” from being a mother. It is definitely challenging, BUT absolutely worth it. I think motherhood changed me a lot. Now that I’m a mother, I look back on how I used to be and think, “Wow! I was pretty wild and crazy!”

At this point in my life, I would say, I am more mellow.  I’m very different now (I think). For example, I can now cook and clean! Imagine that! Back then I can’t even make toast, and I honestly did not even know where the plug of a vacuum cleaner is. Now I cook, clean and I even have my own home grown vegetable garden. I’m impressed by the domestic duties I have come to acquire in the past years!




If you are not a busy mommy, what keeps you busy nowadays? 

Cleaning the entire house makes me busy. That is enough to occupy my time on a daily basis. Hahaha!


Had you stayed in show business, what do you think it will be like trying to balance motherhood with being an actress?  

I think an actress mom will find it difficult to protect their child from the media circus. Had I stayed, with all the media attention and paparazzi, I feel that my child will grow up thinking he’s competing for your attention, and I would not ever want him to feel that way.


Any wise words of advice for other celebrity Mommies thinking of leaving the “circus”?

Fans come and go and change their mind, meanwhile YOU are his one and only mother.



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