Beauty of the Night Sky – Starstruck


With the announcement of the US government shutdown this October 2013, it is a nightmare for all the tourists and nature photographers who are looking forward to explore the 401 national parks of United States. Unfortunately all the national parks will be closed for the whole duration of the government shutdown unless the states take action.

Although the real experience in national parks cannot be compared to a photograph, may this photographic series Beauty of the Night Sky, entertain your senses and momentarily cure your longing for travel. These photographs were from my journeys to some of the beautiful national parks together with my husband Alex Filatov.



“Starstruck” was taken in Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park, at Bar Harbor, Maine, which is roughly around 8 hours, drive away from New York City. The area is a classic New England destination especially for Leaf Peepers during Fall season but popular as well for all seasons and people of all ages because of various activities, the famous new England clam chowder and fresh lobsters. I can remember the day we took this photograph after some recommended classic late 1800’s tradition of having afternoon tea, fresh blueberry jam and pop overs overlooking the pond at Jordan Pond house restaurant. We patiently waited for night photography. It was a beautiful clear night with the Milky Way visible to the naked eye. The calm water by the Jordan pond created a perfect reflection of the stars and the twin north and south bubbles mountain. My husband captured sequential 30-second exposures in less than an hour, which were later combined to reveal the rotation of the earth relative to the stars over that time period. We didn’t mind the faint howling of the foxes or the mosquito bites as the clear sky and the stars captivate us.

Photos in this Series:

Thor’s Hammer

Glacier National Park  

Glacier Star Walk

Star Trails over Monument Valley 

Race Track Playa, Death Valley

Photography Credits:

travel-sarah-jane-adrianoWritten By: Sarah Jane Adriano-Filatov. Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Hobbyist. Enthusiast. Photographer. Expatriate. Eternal Optimist. The Godmother. Anything. Everything in Between. A simple working wife living the New York dreams. Passionately aiming to capture the scenes on the other side of the camera.

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