Breaking Barriers

It’s no longer the 1950s.
Women are no longer confined to the home with their specific roles limited to being a mother, homemaker, and diligent wife.
It was not an easy climb to conquer what once was just a man’s world.
Societal labels still linger, and patriarchal views still put a lot of pressure on the roles that women should play.
But as women continue to play a more prominent role outside of the home, working diligently and making their mark, societal standards are gradually shifting.
Not only are we able to be successful members of the work force, we women are still able to fulfill the role of being a mother  and a wife, and still find time to pursue other fruitful endeavors.
We are doctors, nurses, artists, actresses , teachers,
beauty queens , musicians, photographers, therapists,
writers, philantrophists , survivors , jewelry designers, crafters,
marathoners, self made success stories, Oscar winners,
Entrepreneurs, Bosses, etc.
Indeed we have shown the world that we can do it all
Pantene’s #Whipit campaign in 2013, seeks to challenge the double standards that exists between men and women. supports this campaign to break gender bias. is all about empowering women.

We believe that women make a difference no matter what role they play.

We no longer need to sit back as the world revolves…

we make it turn.


REAL women… REAL stories… REALly extraordinary

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