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Lindsay Adler Metropolitan
This is the official image for Sigma, used at a WPPI expo in Las Vegas. This photo was also the back cover for Rangefinder Magazine.
Lindsay Adler Metropolitan This is the official image for Sigma, used at a WPPI expo in Las Vegas. This photo was also the back cover for Rangefinder Magazine.


Ivie Cover ShotIt was 12 years after living in New York, when Ivie Joy launched her floral design and events company Ivie Joy Floral Arts + Events that bloomed from her love of natural beauty and the city’s cosmopolitan landscape. Now, she harvests the fruit of her passion: you can see her and her works of art in US and international fashion and photography magazines, as well as leading wedding websites.

Your family is into farming; why did you decide to pursue a career in floral arts?

I have always loved flowers, even as a child. Flowers and leaves were my toys! I enjoyed picking them, transforming and combining them into something new or different. Later on, as an adult, I moved to New York, the center of fashion and beauty and I found that I had urge to leave my mark on the city.

Montreal Wedding
Montreal Wedding. Less than a year after Ivie Joy Corp was launched, they did their first international wedding in Montreal.
NYC Themed Wedding
NYC Themed Wedding was the first of their works published in The Knot magazine and was featured online.

Let’s get straight to the point. What were the ingredients for your success?

I focused on building a reputation for delivering quality designs and being flexible and responsive when it comes to interpreting a client’s vision. The secret ingredients were the relationships I fostered with fashion and wedding professionals and, importantly, floral and event vendors.

IMG_4044 IMG_0840

Of course, there were challenges.

Having managed other floral and event design companies earlier in my career, launching my own company was a little daunting since I was keenly aware of the risks that come with it, especially in a sluggish economy.

I had a clear vision – that I would deliver only distinctive and bespoke designs – which separates me from many of my competitors. By delivering service above and beyond client expectations, I was able to get great word of mouth – in fact, I was able to book 15 weddings and fashion events before I even launched my website.


zyra Joy's boquet

Can you name your biggest clients and events – ones that you are most proud of?

Cesare Attolini, Redburn Capital, Lindsay Adler, Four Seasons Style Management, and LDC Design Associates. I am proud of the fact that I’ve been featured on top wedding sites and blogs – Style Me Pretty and The Knot, to name two.

One Lindsay Adler shoot comes to mind in particular, where I built 8 fashion sets over the course of 3 days – it was a lot of work but everything came out amazing and the work was featured in Lindsay’s book, Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio, which was just published this October. We are also frequent collaborators with Key Music Group, MPW Media Group, and KasalNY.

Lindsay Adler Bridal Intensive
Lindsay Adler Bridal Intensive Ivie: “It was truly an honor to work with one of the top fashion photographers in the world, Lindsay Adler, and even more of an honor to call her my friend. We have built different sets for her that has been featured in US and international magazines. This is one of our set designs.”


Where do you get inspiration from? From where does your creativity spring?

My creativity comes from the desire to create something new and distinctive. I’m inspired by many things – by my travels, by fashion, by the energy of New York, and often by the nuances of everyday life.

photo 1 (1)

 How did you survive NYC given the competition?

Knowing what I love and having the vision of what I want to be known for, as well as having a strong work ethic to follow through on that vision.

Lastly, any advice for artists and entrepreneurs wanting to build a reputation in NYC?

Success eventually comes from doing what you love without compromising either quality or your reputation. Also, invest the time to build the right relationships, but do so with integrity and sincerity.

photo 2




Featured photo: Lindsay Adler Metropolitan. The official image for Sigma, used at a WPPI expo in Las Vegas, and was also the back cover for Rangefinder Magazine.


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