Family Fun for The Halloween


For the past couple of years, I have considered Halloween as a fun family bonding opportunity.

Months before October 31st, I am already busy planning what the entire family is going to be.

Here are some of our Halloween Family get-ups over the last couple of years. Most of them are not really elaborate and can be easily put together.

The Angry Birds

I bought some foam visors and colored foam sheets from the craft store. I printed a template for Angry Birds from the computer, and after some tracing, cutting, and hot gluing, our family can now be the angry birds. Wear plain colored shirts with these visors and you are all set!


The Mimes

You probably already have most of what you need for the Mime get up in your closets. Your family will need black pants, white gloves, white face paint, some kohl eye-liner, and a really red lipstick. For the top, you can either wear a black and white striped shirt, a grey and white striped shirt, a plain white shirt accessorized with suspenders, OR you can use black duct tape to make stripes or fake suspenders on a plain white shirt. Accessorizing with a hat sure adds to the look, but can be optional.


The Mariachi

If you have black pants and a black shirt, you are half way there! I printed a tuxedo looking top on card stock (look for clip arts on google), and attached that to a red bow tie so we can all just wear the fake tuxedo top around our neck like a bib. Then for the red sash, I just folded a red scarf and tied that around the waist. Fake mustaches and sombreros should be easy to find at a costume store.




The Things

This costume was conceptualized the moment I saw “Thing” shirts and decided to get one for each person in the family. Wearing the shirt with a pair of jeans made the get up comfortable, but adding the blue afro wig surely sealed the look!



This should be fairly easy to put together. You will need to get everyone some plain yellow shirts and blue suspenders. Then I bought yellow construction guy hats from the costume store, made holes on top of the hat and threaded black chenille stems or pipe cleaners for the hair, then printed off and glued the minion eyes. This would be a great costume for a big group of people, such as an entire office floor or department. You can even have your boss be Gru by asking him/her to wear black pants, a black long sleeved shirt, and a grey and black striped scarf. I don’t have a photo yet because this is what we have planned for this year, but I hope you can envision the look.




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