Artist of the Month – Hersley Ven-Casero

art-Fireworx - mixed media on canvas - 4ftx8ft - 2010 - ©HersleyCasero

“Art became my life and then my life has become a colorful piece of art,” says Hersley-Ven Casero, the Filipino artist behind these delightful paintings that many have admired. His works reflect on human beings, being human, and the interactions that unfold before him. Hersley motivates others by collaborating on art projects and strives to “CreA†e to ElevA†e”. We asked Hersley how he would describe each art piece that he created. Read on and discover the artist’s thoughts.

Title: The Wind

art-The Wind - 5 panel artwork - 50_x30_ -mixed media on canvas - 2012 - ©HersleyCasero

H: The Wind is my first 5-panel artwork and was the last artwork I created in 2012. The Wind is a whisper of whistling wheels winding through a windy road. It shows where I’ve been hit by rose petals of love and transformed by influential people who have shown me a very colorful world. Wind is an artwork that can be re-arranged into an unlimited loop. The wind is a youthful freedom that reminds us that Life is Colorful and Joyous.

Title: Dagit

H: Before the clock hits 12 midnight of New Year, I painted and splashed colors to the blank canvas. The theme of this artwork is about flying, diving in or taking off. This is my first artwork of this year, 2013.

art-Dagit_ - 4ftx4ft - mixed media on canvas - 2013 - ©HersleyCasero


Title: One Thousand Pictures per Second

H: Inspired by people who love shooting photographs and being photographed. This artwork was part of the first “Dumaguete City’s First Art Auction” to benefit the survivors of the typhoon Sendong.

art-One thousand pictures per second_ - 6ft x 4ft - oil on canvas - 2012 - ©HersleyCasero


Hersley woke up at 3 AM on Dec 17, 2011, compelled to sketch the dragon from his fading dream. He started the outline of a white dragon curling over Rizal Boulevard. He was not aware that tropical storm Sendong passed over Mindanao at exactly the same hour.

Five hours later, the storm had also passed over Negros Oriental. After spending the day digging out his home and photographing the destruction and immediate response of his neighbors, Hersley revisited his sketch and felt that the dream carried a premonition. To honor the dream, he had to bring the dragon to life – paying tribute to the people of Dumaguete for their bravery and cooperative spirit after the storm.

The piece is called “UNTITLED 2012” (Year of the Dragon) because the artist is asking, “What will be your future?” You have just lost your home, your livelihood – are you ready to face tomorrow? The sky is the color of dawn to signal new beginnings. The people are caricatures of real Dumaguetans, drawn to Rizal Boulevard that day – entire families and many friends who may be masking their true feelings with a smile or seeking distraction. Which one of them is you?

art-Dragon - 12 ft x 4 ft - oil, acrylic, pen & ink, receipts on canvas - 2012 - ©HersleyCasero


Title: Fireworx

H: Fireworx is a satirical commentary on how leaders distract the public through cliche entertainment to avoid underlying issues. This is part of my  Crowd series.


art-Fireworx - mixed media on canvas - 4ftx8ft - 2010 - ©HersleyCasero


Title: Ha?

H:This project is entitled “Ha?” because. . . it’s a question. It’s a syllable that challenges you to share a part of yourself. It’s a syllable that wants to know how you see. It’s an expression. It’s a simple word that can tell so much of what you feel depending on how you say it. It’s a simple word that can be a mirror of who you really are. It’s an answer. It’s a short phrase that measures your whole journey in life. It’s a short phrase that replies on how far you have walked to survive.It’s a question, it’s an expression, it’s an answer. . .above all, it’s a reflection. Ha?

art-HA__ Collaborative Art Project - 10_x14_ each artwork - 2012 - ©HersleyCasero


art-HA_ Art Project- collaboration with Anna Koosmann - acrylic on canvas - 10_x14_ each artwork - 2013 - ©HersleyCasero


Title: S.O.S (Summer Odyssey Series)

art-S.O.S (summer odyssey series) - mixed media on canvas - diptych (4ftx4ft each panel) - 2012 - ©HersleyCasero


Hersley-Ven Casero is a visual artist – photographer and manager of the Creative Department at Foundation University, Dumaguete City, Philippines.  He received his BSC in Marketing from Foundation University and an Artist of the Year Award. 

art-Hersley Casero - profile pic

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