From Couch to Coach: A Health Transformation Story Beyond The Scale



I was in my mid 30s, married and blessed with 2 beautiful kids. I had a job that paid for more than enough than we needed. I lived in a nice house, had a nice car and all the material comfort we could afford. Yet inside, I felt very miserable. Each day, I woke up with a cloud over my head wishing that a bus would just run over me and put me out of my suffering.

Being a homemaker in the United States is not an easy task. Unlike in the motherland where they all have an army of helpers doing even the most menial chore, we do everything here ourselves – childcare, laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving around for your kids – you name it. As if that is not taxing enough, working parents like my husband and I also deal with the stresses of an 8-5 job (that felt more like a 24/7 at times). So by the end of the day, we often feel bone dry, irritable and empty with exhaustion. We were too tired to do anything else outside the daily grind. And when the weekend came, we bury ourselves catching up with even more chores that we missed to complete during the week.

I really resented the way my life turned out. I resented the fact that my life with the family was reduced to this tiresome, monotonous, ambition-less life. I resented the fact that our lack of quality time for ourselves and for each other drove my husband and I further away emotionally and mentally from each other with each passing day. We neglected each other and started having goals and dreams that no longer aligned. I also resented the fact that I never had time to take care of myself and that I was always swallowed by guilt each time I try to put a foot out of the door for some “me time.” Yet, I had a million excuses why I cannot change the way I lived my life. It was what it was. Boohoo!



It was in June 2015 when an angel appeared to me in a form of a Team Beachbody Coach. My good friend from elementary sent me an invitation to join her in a 10-day free clean eating challenge. I had no clue what that was or what was involved. Ordinarily, I would have shut down an invitation to do something for myself. So, it was totally out of character when I accepted her invitation.

In 10 days, she put me through a sugar detox process where I cut out all the junk and processed food that I normally stuffed my face with. She made me eat real, healthy food only. On top of the clean eating regimen, she had me to do 30 minutes of moderate exercises at home. I did as I was instructed though it was hell in the beginning. I felt weak and suffered from migraines during detox process. I was so out of shape and winded during the exercises. I wanted to puke and pass out. But, I somehow weathered my way through the 10 days and came out feeling much better. I had more energy, I felt lighter and felt “awakened” for once in the last few years.


When her challenge was done, I decided to continue with my new healthy regimen with Team Beachbody, adding Shakeology to supplement my clean meals and my daily workouts. With each passing day, I grew stronger physically, developed more energy, started leaning out and just kept getting that post workout high to power me through my day. With the boost in my energy, I developed self-confidence, which then led to positive changes in my attitude and mental well-being. I became less angry, less impatient, less judgmental and less ugly inside and out. I lost all desire to listen to my excuses and instead rearranged my life priorities to make sure I always had time for my workouts, personal development activities and everything else that should matter more.

The goodness spread like domino effect to the rest of my life. Physically, I got leaner and healthier. Mentally, I had a 180-degree turn of mindset that dramatically improved my relationship with my husband and children. I now have more energy to do extra activities with them and actually enjoy being present with them. Plus since all my workouts and health related activities were centered at home, I was able to walk the talk and model a healthy lifestyle in front of my kids, who now see healthy eating and daily home-based workouts as part of the daily grind.  In about a year, I have turned my life around from losing to winning 10-fold.




Many people look at the ugliness in their lives and ask, “Why me?”  What they fail to do is look at the bright side of things and instead ask, “Why not me???”  So after some thought, I decided to join my friend and also be a health and fitness advocate to others.  If someone like me could turn her life around like that, anyone could too!  I do not need to have the ripped abs or the perfect life to inspire others to make that first step to transform their lives.  So, why not me?

Today, I share my story to my team and followers via social media.  My mission has become to inspire others to rise above the adversities in life and to transform themselves into strong, positive and confident individuals.  I may not be perfect in my body or my health habits, but my hope is that through my ongoing journey, people may see my life as a realistic and achievable dream for themselves.  My hope is that they too may come to realize that with faith and belief in themselves, anything is possible.


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From Couch to Coach: A Health Transformation Story Beyond The Scale

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  • I commend your tenacity in facing and overcoming your challenges. The physical change is amazing. But, more importantly, the mental turn around just made your journey much more worth traveling! So, keep on living a healthy life and continue being a great coach to others.

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