Glacier Star Walk


For the image above it is taken at Montana in Glacier National Park, which is home to 25 glaciers as of 2013. The number significantly reduced to 25 from the original 150 glaciers known to have existed in the park a hundred years earlier. The scientists predicted that the remaining 25 glaciers might be gone by the end of 2030 due to global warming. The Milky Way can be seen from the image as it graces the starry night sky above the Swiftcurrent lake in the Many Glacier region of the park. This view can be seen by staying at “Many Glacier Hotel” which is built in the Swiss Chalet style. It is an ideal location for sunrise, sunset, night and wild life photography as you may see mountain goats, big horn sheep and bears in the area.

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travel-sarah-jane-adrianoWritten By: Sarah Jane Adriano-Filatov. Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Hobbyist. Enthusiast. Photographer. Expatriate. Eternal Optimist. The Godmother. Anything. Everything in Between. A simple working wife living the New York dreams. Passionately aiming to capture the scenes on the other side of the camera.

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