How to Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Products


The usual rules apply: if a price is too good to be true it probably is. Sometimes you may be looking to buy a second hand product from an auction site or through a post on social media. You can train your eye to spot fakes by visiting an accredited dealer and learning about the real thing.

Here are 3 Top Things to Look out for:

1. Louis Vuitton products are sold exclusively through Louis Vuitton stores all over the world, from their e-commerce website, and also sold through their Client Services. If your LV was not originally bought or gifted from these sources, then you have a counterfeit.

2. The hardware (metal plates, locks, badges) should feel heavy and high quality, not hollow. If the hardware features the Louis Vuitton name or logo, check on the official website and make sure it is supposed to.

3. Many Louis Vuitton designs use a coated canvas for the main body of the bag with leather trims. Counterfeit bags may use leather on the full body too. Check the feel and weight and make sure it is made of the materials that are specified on the official LV website.

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