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It’s the holiday season and with it comes a series of parties, and drinking, and tons of food, glorious food!

But the aftermath of holiday party sprees is hard for most women. This is why, come January, ads about fitness and health and diets sweep the internet and social media. Not to mention, a host of women making losing weight their new year’s resolution.

This has been a cyclical phenomenon.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better to feel better, but doesn’t it sometimes cross that line that we become too hard on ourselves.

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We women have heard it many times. The subtle weight comments that are disguised to mean well, but really hurt our body image. Not to mention that we  can also be too hard on each other.

We become obsessed. Obsessed with how we look. Obsessed with what others think of us. Obsessed with weight.

We can’t seem to shake it off our mental programming that weight can be thought of as just a number.



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Women can be of the same weight, but  still look different, because the fact of the matter is, we are all made in different shapes and sizes.

Shouldn’t this diversity be a beautiful thing?

It really should be.



But this is not to say that you should stop wanting to lose weight to make yourself feel better, but rather add to it that you are doing it for health reasons and not merely because you want to fit into that dress, or because you want to prove something to your-ex, or because you are ashamed of who you are.

Make that commitment to yourself. Even if you have to try it over and over and over again… as long as you keep on trying.

Ignore the negative voices.

Ignore the pseudo-nice comments.

Focus on just you.

Although, woman to woman, when you do make that resolution, can you add to it that you plan on accepting and loving yourself a little bit more everyday?

You will get there.

You are beautiful!

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