Mga Gawa ni Femi




At an early age, Femi Cachola knew she was going be in the field of arts but she didn’t know exactly where.

“Art was my favorite subject in gradeschool and I hoard arts and craft materials until now.

I took up Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas.”



Her day job is doing art

 “My first job involved working as a graphic artist and a product developer for an acrylic manufacturing firm.

Then I moved to another manufacturing firm where my job was to design bags for a Disney Licensee.

After 3 years in that field, I was introduced to the media of Broadcast Design.

I was hired as a Video Editor for ABS-CBN. My experience in graphic design was beneficial, I just had to make the elements move and animate.

The way I see it, its art on TV.  It was fun.

Currently, I’m still editing videos and animating graphics, but for a different company.




Gawani Femi was born out of a love of cute (Kawaii) things. 

 “I wanted to make something cute and unique.

And so around 2009, I started making these handmade accessories.

Half inspired by the inner-child that refuses to grow up, and partly due to a need to subtly rebel against “oppressive” corporate attire; I found the perfect platform for my crafting gremlins.

I consider my creations as art through accessories.

It’s art-cessories!”




How she became a crafterpreneur 

Slide12“I started giving my creations as gifts to my friends.

I think people started noticing it because it’s something you don’t normally see in department stores.

Friends began ordering from me, so eventually I launched Gawani Femi.



I named it Gawani Femi (made by Femi), because it was made by me.

It is also a constant reminder that whenever I put that label on my work,

it should be perfect and something that I could be proud of because my name is in it.


Femi’s work, business, and leisure activities are all about creating.

 Slide11I looove creating things with my hands.

 One of the things I’m crazy about is gardening.

I love cacti and succulents and I enjoy painting faces on pots. I call them “potheads”.




I also facilitate craft parties and workshops about Succulent Dish Gardening and Pot Painting.



Hoarder of craft supplies, lover of cute things, digital artist, art-seccories maker,

Femi Cachola is not only a crafter-prenuer, she is indeed an artist.



She believes that “Life is too short to have clean hands all the time”


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