“Mommy Dearest”: The Grimm Episode that Hit Too Close To Home

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Since its pilot episode in October of 2011, I have been an avid fan of Grimm. I have always been fascinated with the various Wesen, or creatures, they feature in every episode and mind you, I have not missed a single one since it started.


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In terms of having a favorite character, I’m more into  Monroe, the Blutbaden, the main character’s friend, for his quirky and funny quips, than Nick Burkhardt, the Grimm. Then again, I also find myself swooned by the dashing multilingual Captain Sean Renard, and torn by my love-hate relationship with the manipulative and treacherous Adalind, the Hexenbiest. Ever since it’s airing, I can say I have “seen” an interesting plethora of Wesen: DämonfeuerBlutbaden, Fuchsbau, Mauzhertz, Naiad, Wendigo. I have seen them all. Being the semi-nerd that I am, I have gone the extra mile in doing some research on my own about these creatures and have come to know that these creatures are mostly German in origin, some French, and some episodes involving  creatures of Latino origin . Well, that was until I saw the “Mommy Dearest” 14th episode of the current season, which started off with a spine-chilling quote

 “ I am going off to a house,

and entering it like a snake….

I will devour their babies

and make their hearts ache”


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Just to be clear, I’m not and never was a fan of Aswang. Having grown up hearing several creepy stories from my own mother and other Visayan relatives about these widely-feared mythical creature, Aswangs have become a formidable thing for me, not to mention having watched the first ever installment to the “Shake, Rattle and Roll” franchise, I must say I was deeply scarred for life. I shun anything that had to do with this monster, movie or story, pregnant or not.   BUT I have to say I felt proud of this Filipino folklore creature going international. It was truly amusing seeing someone, eerhm something, you just heard from stories of your childhood come to life on TV, and on US TV nonetheless! Talk about Pinoy pride! You know how they say that when you get to Hollywood, you’re made?  Well what do you know, our very own Aswang have gone farther than some of our homegrown TV personalities!


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One of the characters, Reggie Lee aka Sgt. Wu, is an actor I’ve known since his Prison Break days. I know that he is a Pinoy thoroughbred. His presence in the series lead me to a logical inkling that the Aswang got it’s “passport” into US television and claim to fame because of him. True enough, Lee was indeed approached by the writers and asked for suggestions, and the rest as they say is history.


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In my opinion though, the Aswang they had shown in the episode was different than I had imagined it would look. The imagery I had of the creature ever since I  was 7, and watching “Shake Rattle and Roll”, was the image that stuck in my head. However, as soon as I heard the infamous “tik-tik-tik” noise, I found myself already seriously crammed deep beside my hubby. When the woged mother-in-law stuck out her long, proboscis-like tongue into the belly button of Dana, I did manage to squeeze in a quick moment to comment “Well, that’s too thick!”, but immediately right after, I let out a shriek! I’ve always thought the aswang’s tongue was thin, almost thread-like, but then again, what do I know? I have not seen one in the flesh. ** knock on wood**


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It is quite a delight, how slices of the Filipino culture were also seen in this episode. From the very brief Manila scene with tricycles, to hearing that Filipino-English accent of Dana, down to the pork knuckles a.k.a. “pata” that Wu’s cousin was prepping. All were the perfect touches to its Pinoy storyline.  What’s more interesting though, especially for an avid, Pinoy Grimm-fan, would be the possibility of having more Filipino creatures showcased in their future episodes. As disturbing as it may be to watch kapres, sigbins, manananggals or tiyanaks as Wesens, it would be a treat for Pinoys like me to see more of “our own” in US television.


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I’m guessing Pinoys who saw the episode were as deeply disturbed as I was. I got goose-bumps and felt relieved I was not in the least bit pregnant. In my entire experience of watching Grimm, never have I been perturbed as I was when I watched this episode, probably because, just like Reggie Lee, this one hit too close to home.



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