Mommy MUA and The Makeup of Mica


Making women beautiful these days is a growing business to many, as many of us push the business of looking fab high in our list. Blogs and youtube tutorials have been turning several cosmetics enthusiasts into make-up artists, and some of them have inspiring stories to tell, like this month’s feature.


Meet Tita Grace.

She has worked with business tycoons—to do their make-up, that is. Like other MUAs she has frustrations, too, like the fear of not getting everything perfect. She has three fab gems, namely Mica Diva, Althea Anne, and Gem Alexandria, her daughters. One of them, a UP graduate, also has a gift for swishing the magical tools.

Tita Grace with daughters  Gem (make up artist) and Mica (chief make up artist at the Make up of Mica)
Tita Grace with daughters Gem (make up artist) and Mica (chief make up artist at the Make up of Mica)

World Urbanista: Can you tell me how you became a make-up artist/stylist?

Grace Dy-Tuano: My career as a makeup artist/hairstylist started at the time my daughter started as a commercial model. During commercial shoots, I keenly observed well-known makeup artists. Later on I developed a style of my own.

Having the experience of selling beauty products, I easily got into the groove of things and started my acquired talents among friends. My sample of work spread through word of mouth and as they say, the rest is history.

Who’s been your important client/s?

One of our most important clients are the Sy Family (SM group of investors and BDO/Chinabank) and their Board of Directors for their Annual Report photos. Others are local celebrities during commercial shoots.

We also do pre-nups, weddings, debuts and lots of events regularly. Thank God!

Mica at “work”

Your daughter has “The Makeup of Mica.” Like mother, like daughter.

The website “The Makeup of Mica” came into being after realizing that my daughter Mica, 35, has got the talent for it.

mica's work
The Make-Up of Mica

Aside from a good paying job in the Advertising Industry as a Senior Copywriter, she wanted to have another source of income for her dreams. In due time, she earned enough and became known in her proficiency in the art of make-up which she prodigiously pursued.

mica's work2
Make-up by Mica

Let’s talk about Mica and the other girls. You made sure they chose college over showbiz offers?

Mica graduated at the University of the Philippines with a Broad Communication Degree, cum laude in 2000. She tried her hand in show business while still studying and landed a small role in a sit-com at channel 5.

She also auditioned for inclusions into the ABSCBN Star Circle, where the batch included Piolo Pascual, among others. She was about to be admitted but opted not to, on her own free will with the thought that we’d rather see her finish school.

Mica is also one of those behind The Rebellious Brides website

Do you consider yourself as a strong influence to your daughters?
Although my children are given the leeway of what they want to become, me and my husband’s influence comes in a way that does not stifle or stunt their growth. We always see to it that we are always there when they need us come rain or high water.

Definitely, we are not a perfect family but through our practice of togetherness in most that we do, we’ve built an attitude of considering what is beneficial to our family.

Tita Grace with family

What’s tough about being a mommy MUA?
As a working mom, difficulties present themselves in every which way that you can sometimes hardly cope with.

The downside of being one is when you thought enough is enough and you have given already your best in all aspects. Truth is there will never be enough and my best is yet to come. In life opportunities are endless and it’s up to me to grab it or look at it as just another chance.

Consolation comes seeing my daughters not neglecting their studies and finishing school without a hitch—that’s enough to raise our spirits.

Hair by Tita Grace (left)

What are the things that you wish your daughters would pick up from you?
I just wish for my daughters to inherit my perseverance and humility in life.

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