Must See: Louis Vuitton Film with David Bowie and Arizona Muse

What I like most in Louis Vuitton (way much more than the handbags) is the brand’s marketing creativity – from their boutiques’ incredible display windows, to the sigh-inducing magazine advertisements that seem so impossible for a common woman like me to have; that owning a little piece of LV can possibly mean owning a piece of their creativity. Their new campaign set in Venice is a must see, starring David Bowie and Arizona Muse, featuring the Vivienne LV bag  (with a whipping $5,000 price tag and is currently sold out on line). David sings, “I’d rather be high…” and so do I.

The Making of L’Invitation au Voyage

The World of Louis Vuitton

5 Interesting Facts about LV

By: Phoebe Aviles

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