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Your nails can say a lot about you and your fashion sense. Go and treat your nails with a good manicure, and try a new nail art design you’ve always had your eye on.  Customized nail designs have been around for years but it is until recently that its popularity is gaining momentum. Most women are getting into it. It’s common to see different colours of nail polish and varying nail designs. Nail Artists usually use different techniques with the use of stickers, acrylics, stones, glitters, or hand drawn designs. Kristin Domingo and Monica Guevara-Dela Cruz, owners of Flirt Waxing Lounge, shared some of the cute designs you can try.


If you want to play it safe and not sure of what to get, go with this dotting design. A simple dotting technique can do wonders on your nails. Just pick a colour that you like as a base and a contrasting colour for the dots to make it pop out. This will add an element of fun to your nails.



Flowers don’t just grow on grass; they bloom on your nails as well. Try a flower nail art; this gives your nail a touch of elegance. Designs can go from full grown roses to just an accent to your classic French tip. Roses are perfect to brighten up your day. 


nail-art-flower-pinkNail art design


Make your nails look brighter and “yummier” with  fruity designs such as watermelon or strawberry designs. Your friends will definitely notice those irresistible nail art candy.

Candy in hands



Flirt Waxing Lounge is founded by 2 Filipina entrepreneurs, Kristin Domingo and Monica Guevara-Dela Cruz. Flirt is located in Mandaluyong City, Philippines and offers nail care and waxing services.


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