No Steam Langka Puto Bumbong


Puto is steamed rice cake, and a bumbong, translated, is a cylindrical container. So, puto bumbong is actually steamed riced cake in a cylindrical container… made with ube. Nohing says Christmas like traditional treats such as Bibingka ang Puto Bumbong, and when you’re living outside the homeland, these treats are hard to come by. While you can find a bumbong steamer at the  Filipino grocery, I really wouldn’t want to buy a big contraption that is basically a uni-tasker.   So what to do?

There should be a way to make Puto Bumbong without the bumbong right?

Lo and behold… there is!

Let’s get to work…. It’s about to get sticky.

You will need:


2 cups frozen grated yam- thawed 

3/4 cup coconut milk 1 cup Mochiko – or glutinous sweet rice flour

1/2 cup chopped Langka

red and blue food coloring (optional)


You will also need:

greased non stick pan – I used lots of margarine (about 2 tablespoons)

wooden spoon

banana leaf greased with margarine



Muscovado sugar

grated coconut



What to Do:

Drain the thawed grated coconut.

Wrap it with cheese cloth and wring to drain the water out.

Mix with the glutinous rice flour. You will have a crumbly meal-y texture.

Incorporate the chopped Langka Stir in the coconut milk and you end up with a sticky mixture.

Add drops of blue and red food coloring to make your putt bombing a deeper purple (optional).

DSC_2879 DSC_2876DSC_2883DSC_2888





Preheat your greased nonstick pan on the stove.

Put the sticky mixture on the pan.

Stir and stir until the moisture is reduced. The time depends on how long until moisture is reduced enough that the mixture lifts off the pan and clings to your spoon.

Let it cool for a little bit, enough for your to be able to hold.

Grease your hands with margarine, and take about a 2 spoonfuls and roll into a cylindrical shape.

Set on a banana leaf greased with margarine.

Top with grated coconut and muscovado sugar.

Enjoy and drift off momentarily to memories of simbang gabi.


Find more recipes at by clicking here.

Written by Donna


With moving to California and having two kids, Donna traded in her city night-owl-running-on-caffeine lifestyle by becoming a suburban domestic deity. She is a special-ed teacher during the daytime, and a juggler of sorts in the evenings and most weekends. If most people find watching TV or shopping relaxing, she on the other hand, finds running, making lists of things to do, trips to the grocery, crafting, and experimenting with new recipes to be fun.

Check out her blog on cooking, crafting and ideas for other things to do.

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