Paskong Pinoy: A Religious Devotion

More than just a celebration, Christmas in the Philippines is really a practice of our being a nation of Christians, and with this are traditional decorations that are religious in nature.
The Angels are a symbol of the announcement of the birth of Christ, and the Belen paints a picture of Christ’s humble birth. The star placed on top of the Christmas tree is a depiction of the Star of Bethlehem, and so is the iconic Parol, which is a lantern.
Another Pinoy religious practice at Christmas time is the Panunuluyan. This is the reenactment of the story of Christ’s birth. Traditional practice is that actors who play Joseph and Mary walk along the neighborhood streets close to the parish Church. They knock on houses where owners turn them away, and their final stop is a stable set-up at the church where the birth of Jesus will be played. The celebration is topped-off by featuring girls in white dresses playing the part of angels welcoming the baby Jesus.




However one wishes to celebrate Christmas, it is always important to remember that Christmas is not about presents or having a grand celebration. The true meaning of Christmas is that God’s son was born into the world to save us all, and He did so because He truly loves us.
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