Race Track Playa at Night


 This image features California’s “sliding rocks” or “sailing stones” located at the Race Track Playa in Death Valley National Park. You need a high clearance vehicle and had to drive on a 28-mile rough gravel, tires-splitting road to reach the playa. It is a geological phenomenon and scientists have theories but there’s no exact reason how the rocks move and leave the tracks. It requires planning, patience and careful consideration to visit the area but seeing the boulders and rocks itself with those mystical tracks on the playa is an image to behold for every curious traveler or photographer. At nighttime, the serene natural vista complete with a clear sky can reward you with a star-speckled Milky Way shot at the right time of the year. We used long exposure shots for the image and all night photography requires a sturdy tripod and shutter release remote control to reduce vibration and withstand strong winds conditions.

Just like every sunrise and sunset can be different from the day before. Each night is different too in terms of sky clearness, stars visibility, presence of clouds, precipitation and pollution index. These are some of the quintessential playgrounds we explored in the past seasons and hoping you enjoyed the Beauty of the night sky through our eyes.

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Race Track Playa, Death Valley

Photography Credits: AlexFilatovPhoto.com

travel-sarah-jane-adrianoWritten By: Sarah Jane Adriano-Filatov. Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Hobbyist. Enthusiast. Photographer. Expatriate. Eternal Optimist. The Godmother. Anything. Everything in Between. A simple working wife living the New York dreams. Passionately aiming to capture the scenes on the other side of the camera.

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