Shoevalry – 205 Pairs and Counting

“Chivalry is not the way to my heart, SHOEvalry is!” says Miami-based Marie-Claire Mercier who collects shoes from sneakers to 5-inch stilettos.

MC in NYC (photo by Jason Chen)

As with the saying Good shoes take you good places, MC has lived around the world. At 29 she has lived in Paris, New York, Barcelona, Manila and has travelled all over Asia, Europe, and South America.

Her towering platform shoes have not only taken her to different cities, but also different pursuits such as fashion, music production and languages—in fact, she speaks Filipino, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

MC shares her style and travel insights in this interview:

How’s your shoe rack?

Miami home

I have 205 pairs right now!

What are your most prized and priced shoes?

That would be my Louboutins, Louis V’s, Brian Atwood and Giuseppe Zanotti’s. Price range: $700- 1,000+.

Since when did you start building up this collection?

When I was a working student back in college in NYC, I made sure that I treat myself with a pair for every paycheck I receive and then it just went from there.

As a fashion enthusiast who has lived in Europe, US and Asia, what do you think of the sense of fashion in NYC?

Very trendy. A lot of people go with what’s “in” at the moment. That’s why you can see very similar looks on women on the streets. They have to be updated on the current style and look. But women in NYC, unlike in any other cities I have lived in, aren’t afraid to try different looks…the city has that “I don’t care” air, so women take more freedom in what they opt to wear.

How about Paris, in general?

It’s very classic, hence the phrase of “Paris chic.” They’re not into bright colors, very subtle and somber, and minimalist too. They stick to the basic hues of black, white, blue and beige. A good pair of nice-fitting jeans is a staple in every Parisian’s closet—it’s what they wear all-around. Gosh, I remember having a hard time fitting in… people must’ve found me “over the top” because I would always wear a dress when going to dinner, clubs, etc.

MC: “These are shoe accessories called SHWINGS…wings for your shoes…usually it’s for sneakers… but I tried it on one of my heels, and it worked!”


It’s very boho chic. It has something to do with the ambiance and the city itself. People are laid back but they are not also afraid to experiment on their looks…it’s funny, now I think of it, it’s like the combination of New York’s trendy attitude infused with Parisian’s minimalistic approach on clothing!

Tell me something about your fashion style.

I have this one philosophy I follow when I dress up: go simple with the clothes, but accessorize with a bag or a nice pair of heels. The shoes carry the whole outfit.

Are you big on haute couture?

For me, even if I own several branded clothing and shoes, my way of thinking in fashion is know your body, what works for you and what doesn’t. When you feel good about yourself, it shows, whatever the brand. Sexy is not about tight dresses and short skirts…it’s all about confidence. There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows her worth and of course, who knows how to walk gracefully in heels!

Tell me about your singing and other stints.

When I went back to the US late 2011, after spending almost 4 years in Paris, I focused a bit more on my singing. I started recording a lot of cover songs on youtube (some of them even dance covers) and then started performing on private events in NYC and Miami Beach. As far as the music video, this year 2013, I felt like it was time for me to kind of explore myself who I am as an artist kasi for models, they have their lookbooks, for actors and actresses, they have their demo reels and for musicians and artists, a music video is your “comp card” in showcasing who you are , your style as an artist. So last may, I went back to NYC for a month and half to work on this production (recording of the single and shooting of the actual video). As for acting, I met a couple of acting agents who persuaded me to explore the acting side of the entertainment industry.

MC’s music video recording (photo by Jason Chen)

Watch MC’s video:

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