Solo Flight: The Lone Wanderer


Traveling is an experience that is not like any other. It affords the traveler a bigger picture of the world and a change that occurs from within. Whatever reason one has to travel,  most people will shun at the thought of traveling alone. However, solo travel can afford one with an experience just as fruitful as traveling with company, and some people don’t mind wandering alone at all.


Here are some reasons why it can be just as exciting to travel solo.

  • It’s liberating – not having to wait on anyone, ask where he/she wants to go or eat, what time to go out or come back. You travel at your own pace. Lingering as long as you want to in one place, seeing everything in its tiniest detail as much as you please, exploring, marvelling, and just being amazed at nobody else’s expense but yours.
  • It’s also so much easier to meet new people when you’re traveling on your own. You tend to be more welcoming and less intimidating, and these friendly strangers you meet are constant reminders that people are indeed good by nature. And that you are too. You get to know more about not only the world, but also yourself.



  • Traveling solo also makes you feel that you’re totally in control; but oftentimes, you won’t really find the need for it anymore but just surrender to the beauty, to the awe and to just let go with the flow.
  • And the best thing is you somehow get the feeling that you are not owned by and you don’t own anyone. The world belongs to you and that you belong not only to a part of it, but wholly. That each place can be home, each face can be family, each belief can mold your character and each history is now a part of your own memories.

Sometimes you find yourself totally immersed in a place, that you lose yourself entirely to the mercy of the beauty that surrounds you. Here are some of the places to go travel and easily forget the need to have company:

1) Italy: I was just captivated by its richness in architecture and history, its food (home of the pasta which I’m such a huge fan of, and prosciutto ham!), the language (the accent just makes each word sound so poetic- from spaghetti to cappuccino to pronto to arrivederci), its people excelling in different fields from the sciences, politics, religion and arts (from Galileo to da Vinci to Marcus Aurelius to Michaelangelo to Raphael to the popes and to fashion icons  Armani, Gucci, Versace). Life as we know it wouldn’t simply exist if not for these geniuses’ immortal contributions to humankind.


2) France: I loved the laid-back, fashionable lifestyle. Holding my tiramisu ice cream on one hand while smoking a cigarette and sipping my glass of Rose on the other wearing my blue and beige Oasis sundress and gold Nine West slip-ons while slumped on the grass behind the Eiffel Tower not minding the time- priceless.

3) The Maldives: the isolation from the rest of the world on its pristine beaches, sun-bathing reading a good book with a cocktail, spending a lazy day by the pool, island-(cum bar) hopping, fishing, cheap five-star resort and its super friendly and accommodating staff who will treat you like a princess, the works.



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Mel (1)Melanny’s profession as a Branding & Advertising Specialist calls for a lot of traveling around the world. While most of her travels are for “business”, she turns them into an opportunity for leisure and pleasure when she goes out exploring when all her work is done.  She loves food but can’t cook, she’s not too good when it comes to reading maps or driving directions but always marvels at the sights along the journey. 


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