Interested in helping us grow?

Many Ways to help and help inspire the world, let’s start with 3

1. Share your own Pinay a-ha moment.

Share a true, authentic story about you, or somebody who inspired you and impacted your life. It doesn’t have to be super big story, it just has to be real. We like to talk about travel, fashion, triumph over challenges, dining experiences, humor, anything as long as it brings positivity to our lives.

2. Sponsor with ads

Submit your ads. If you have a product or business that will benefit our treasured readers, you can consider placing your ads. We will review and if we think you are a good fit to our community, we will display your ads on certain areas on our website (yeah, we figured running the website is not free).

3. Leave encouraging messages on our Facebook page!

Words that speak blessings can enlighten our day, and an extra spring on our step, and extra smile when we write!

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