“The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof”


“The Filipino spirit is waterproof” was a tweet sent by Ayala Museum that made twitter trends, a little over a year ago. When torrential rains flooded Manila on August 2012, the positive outpouring of tweets and retweets resulted as an inspiration board for artists and graphic designers to exemplify via digital media a sense of idealism.


A project then was initiated by Ayala Museum, called The Filipino is Waterproof #TFSiW which is a collection of graphic designs due to the massive submissions they were receiving.



This worldwide web movement of creating social awareness through art ignites sparks of hope for many Filipinos during trying times, and through these art works, the spirit of optimism is rekindled.


HOPE is a commodity that can be on short supply after the Philippines has been hit so many times by natural calamities – Ondoy in 2009, Sendong in 2011, Mindanao Floods in 2012, Earthquake in October 2013, and further compounded by Super Typhoon Yolanda a week later.


BUT, the Philippines is a strong nation that carries on year after year, and calamity after calamity. Confirming, over and over that the Philippines is a country filled with people whose spirit is not just waterproof, the Filipino spirit is also buoyant.


If we all do our share to help, the Filipino Nation will manage to stay afloat.


 Donations can be sent via these channels.


Credits to graphics featured in this article goes to the following twitter users @alyzaza94 @mynamegian @itsTONAfish @lorralena @gabmadrid @crazymsdivine  @patricia and @mikkafausto 

More graphics available at Ayala Museum #TFSiW

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