The Pilotto Style – Petrol Bright Colors and Unique Shapes


Distinctive digital prints and patterns infused with petrol bright colour and soft elegant shapes are hallmarks of the Pilotto label. Much of the inspiration behind the brand comes from science and nature and past collections have been inspired by scientific drawings, natural elements and art. Examples include the Spring/Summer 2009 collection which took on a existential vein influenced by the work of artist David Altmejd while their current collection, Fall/Winter 2013 has taken inspiration from the dark atmospheric paintings of Spanish renaissance artist El Greco.


However there is no consistent theme that follows Peter Pilotto collections from one season to the next and the loose narrative is to make clothes that women want to wear.

What is telling about the Peter Pilotto design style and working method is that both lead designers considered studying other subjects before settling on fashion. De Vos considered architecture while Pilotto contemplated studying graphic design.


The pair openly admit that De Vos concentrates on the form and shape of the clothing much like an architect while Pilotto spends much of his attention on the bold colourful graphic prints. It seems to be a partnership which balances itself out perfectly.

To create their unique prints, Peter and Christopher make everything from scratch in painstaking attention to detail and it can take up to two months to finalise them with around 100 print files.

The Peter Pilotto Story

Who Wears a Pilotto

Peter Pilotto and Target

Written by: Stephen Adams

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