Try to like you

Do you like the many versions of your looks? And, have you thought about what’s the best version of yourself?

This viral music video makes sense to me. You don’t have to try to change you, so they’d like you. I like that. You know that feeling of not being beautiful enough in person when not wearing make-up, or in print/online when not photoshopped? I reckon, many are guilty of that. So here’s Colbie Caillat singing to our heart’s consideration, for you to try to like you. Try to take the make-up off at the end of the day and appreciate the foundation, the base, the canvas of your made-up look. It’s funny being told try to like your face, but some of us forget this and become harsh on ourselves by thinking I don’t like my eyebrows, I don’t like my thin lips, I don’t like flat nose. Try to like you.

Make-up is an imagination tool to show you how you can look in different ways and how pretty you can be in different colors – so I wouldn’t want to look at the video as an anti-cosmetics propaganda, but a gentle reminder to drop our anxieties about our so-called imperfections when not wearing the BB cream, foundation, lippie, or eyeliner.

It’s no industry secret that magazines and billboards are photoshopped for impossible perfection, creating all sorts of over-the-top standards for women to emulate. So while it’s fine to put on some powder and blush and eye shadow, wear the make-up but don’t let it wear you.




Written by: Ai Macalintal. Ai couldn’t stay in one place for too long, so she’s always walking, traveling or changing address. She’s been an editor in Singapore and has written for Aussie magazines, but penning stories about the Philippines delights her most.

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