Wherever I May Roam



“I’ll take my time anywhere, free to speak my mind anywhere

And I’ll redefine anywhere

Anywhere I may roam, where I lay my head is home.”

                                                              –  Metallica

at the Louve
at the Louvre

People travel for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling with family, friends or alone, one cannot deny that there is a thrill in visiting awesome places for the first time, seeing famous landmarks in the flesh, and getting to know the stories behind each place.



It’s overwhelming to know and feel that you are staring at the same ceiling in the Sistine Chapel which Michaelangelo painted with his bare hands, or to be walking around the now deserted village where time stood still in Pompeii, or to be standing on the same spot where the audience watched gladiators fighting for their lives in the Colloseo.


at the Vatican

The beauty of the place is one thing, but knowing the history behind it can send shivers down your spine. It’s a testament that people can be immortal, because they live on through all these wonders they’ve left behind.


To get a real feel for the place, it is also a must, to of course, mingle and meet with the locals, get to know their culture, speak their language a little, taste their local delicacies and patronize local products – like Armani in Italy or Louis Vuitton in France. This also also allows you to somehow share the beauty of your own country to people you meet.


Traveling can enrich you in so many ways. Education-wise, first-hand experience is way above the knowledge you get from reading books or sitting in history classes. As a person, you literally and figuratively expand your horizons and grow to be a more well-rounded human being. You learn to be more respectful and sensitive of each country’s traditions and values and to treat every human with respect he/she is accustomed to. What could be considered ok to a person from Switzerland might be rude to someone from Qatar. A certain hand gesture might be normal for someone from Lebanon but can be totally offensive to someone from Italy.

at Maldives
at Maldives

And it’s so much fun! Nature, food, fashion, history, language, people. You get not only to be a citizen of your own country but traveling somehow makes you feel like a bonafide citizen of the world.



Written by Melanny for worldurbanista.com

Mel (1)Melanny’s profession as a Branding & Advertising Specialist calls for a lot of traveling around the world. While most of her travels are for “business”, she turns them into an opportunity for leisure and pleasure when she goes out exploring when all her work is done.  She loves food but can’t cook, she’s not too good when it comes to reading maps or driving directions but always marvels at the sights along the journey. 


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